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Erion's commander watching the Earth.


Erion seeks for more saiyans to join the Absalon empire. He goes to Earth and when Gohan tells him that the strongest fighter isn't there (Goku), he kills Chi-chi. When he sees Goku's SS5 transformation he knows what it is, suspecting that he already saw this transformation  (And possibly even higher levels of Super Saiyan). He easilly outmatches both Goku SS5 and Vegeta SS5. When they fuse with the potara earrings into Vegeto SS5, he fights evenly with him. he did not come alone though, he came with his super saiyans if even though he thought that in the case of emergence only those super saiyan would be of help to him . but he already fought against the super saiyan 5 so he didn't need themEdit

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Notes: Apparently the saiyans know about broly and seek to recruit him. 

Although killing humans is prohibited, (which is mentioned by Sizzle to "kill them, just to have a little fun, it's the least they could do after a long trip", to which Razzle replies, "Sizzley got something wrong in the brain", assuming that killing any human would cause punishment upon them by Cyborg), he supposedly kills Chi Chi. This has not been fully confirmed yet since no further episodes have been released in quite some time showing this event and Episodes 1 and 2 don't even show or mention Chi Chi at all.

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